Retail behaviour has gone through a massive shift as a result of the pandemic. Nearly eight out of every ten users have purchased a piece of software or app after having watched the brand’s video (Wyzowl). Never has video been a more powerful tool. Let Holler help harness the power of video with our team of in-house experts to bring you captivating product videos that build buyer trust and increase product sales.

Product videos are a great way to place your product and your wider brand right in front of an audience. There are a great number of options available, such as studio shoots to vector and 3D animation. Holler has a solution for every product. From software and technology to health and safety, we aim to understand your audience, their needs, and offer them the right solution. Additionally, we optimise your video for multi-platform sharing, providing vertical and square aspect ratio options that are incredibly popular for social channels and stories.



The Production Guild of Great Britain states that, under new lockdown rules for England & Scotland, “TV, film & video production can continue”.

Our client and crew safety is paramount. Therefore our set of strict COVID-safe procedures assure safety, without sacrificing quality. These include sanitising of equipment prior to the shoot; maintaining social distancing measures and limiting touchpoints on-set. Meanwhile, all crews have undertaken training in COVID-safety to ensure all on-set feel confident and comfortable to do carry out their best work.



Check out our Product Showreel to see how we help you market your next product with video.



Stuck for inspiration for a video for your latest product? Or got an idea but don’t know how to get it off the ground? Get in touch with Holler today and let us inject some creativity into your product marketing.