Corporate Video Editing Tips & Tricks

How can you make sure that your corporate video editing session runs smoothly?

When it comes to making a video for business, the edit can play a massive part in how effective and interesting the final product is. A well cut video can quickly grab the viewers’ attention and keep them interested throughout, which is especially important for online marketing or trade show videos where viewers have lots of distractions surrounding them.

We find that the edits that run the most smoothly are the ones that are the most organised. So here are a few things to think about throughout the video production process.

EditingAlthough editing is one of the later processes in your video production, it’s important to consider the edit during your pre-production process. Think about the effect that you want your video to have on your audience. Will it need to be fast paced or have a lot of motion graphics? These are things you should communicate to your video production company early on so that they are consistently working towards a video you’re both happy with.

If you will need motion graphics or animation, it’s good to think about what you want them to look like and how you want them to move early on in the process. Making graphics from scratch can take time, and it’s not always easy to make changes late into the production process. Deciding on a style and confirming any text as soon as possible will prevent delays later on.

It’s also important to get various assets for your video together as soon as possible. By ‘assets‘ we mean any existing footage you want to be included, your company logos or graphics, and anything else you want to be included that your video production company won’t be creating from scratch or sourcing themselves. Having everything you need  in one place can really make the difference in making your edit run smoothly and ultimately getting your project completed as soon as possible.

During the editing process you may wish to sit in with an editor, or leave them to it and review the video via websites such as Vimeo. Either is perfectly fine, and really depends on your project and how involved you’re able to be with it. For most corporate video projects, it can take our editors at Holler between one and three days to edit, but this is down to the amount of footage, length of the final video and the use of extensive graphics or animation.

Final Files
Something else to think about is your final delivery. When we start talking about video file formats it can seem like a lot of video jargon, but it’s actually quite important to think about the type files you’ll need. When we shoot your video we end up with really large video files, which aren’t easy to share on social media or put onto your iPad, so we need to compress them into something that is more manageable. The type of file depends on where you are putting your video, so whether it’s going to be played on a large screen at an event or if you need your video to be put onto DVD, this will result in a different set of final files.

The editing process can seem complicated, but really it should be an enjoyable process where you start to see your ideas and planning come to life on screen.

If you’re interested in learning more about corporate video editing, or have a project you’d like to get going, call the Holler team on 020 7112 8665 or email

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