We’ve seen the light (by leaving them in the car)

Traditionally, production companies have relied on quality lighting to make their video look professional.¬†However, we’ve been finding that, more often than not, we now no longer require the full lighting set up to shoot our corporate videos. Thanks to our Panasonic 101 HD camera, we’re able to create a crisp, high quality image while making the most out of natural light.

This means a faster set up, so instead of spending time setting up and tweaking lights to create the look we want, we can spend that time talking to our clients, having a look round the location and ultimately creating a better, more informed video. Video crews have a reputation for taking ages to set up each shot, making a mess with cables whilst they do it and taking up loads of space. Having a quick and easy set up means that none of this happens! Waiting all day for the crew to get ready is now a thing of the past. We recognise that clients often only have a short window of time to show us a piece of kit or conduct a talking-head interview with a specialist and also have their day job to get on with.

This quick and easy set up is great for us as we get to spend more time filming, and it’s great for our clients because the shoot is less stressful and they get more footage for their money.


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