5 Things You Need To Know About Corporate Video Production for YouTube

Video has become a popular and crucial element in every person’s online experience, and YouTube is a one stop destination for watching videos online. It’s also now one of the most visited sites on the internet and its meteorically rising traffic looks like it’s only getting stronger by the day. YouTube has allowed people and marketers to promote their videos online, gain popularity and reach millions of people. Here are five things you need to know about corporate video production for YouTube:

1. YouTube is the second biggest search engineCorporate Video production for YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine right after Google. It attracts over 2 billion viewers each day and is also the second most visited website in the world right now. A clever marketing strategy would always involve YouTube so that you can take advantage of this unique platform. Not only that, its reach is phenomenally global. It is indeed the ideal platform for marketers who want their product to be visible.

2. Mobile friendly videos

When you’re creating videos for YouTube, keep in mind that the length of your video is crucial to its success. If you’re targeting the mobile user, you’ll need to keep it super short and snappy. Most people who tend to watch videos on their mobile are either on the go or may be dual screening, you need to catch their attention quickly.

3. Engage with a much wider potential customer base

Due to its wide reach and global nature, YouTube is a platform which allows marketers to communicate with people living thousands of miles away from them. It transcends borders and serves as a melting pot of videos from across the world. YouTube now has over 500 million active users.

4. You can create a YouTube channel

With YouTube, you can create a channel for your company that has a direct link to your website. If people like your videos, there is a high probability that they would look at your website as well for further details. This will in turn increase your website’s traffic and possibly generate business for you. People can follow your channel as well and get regular updates whenever you post a new video. From here, you can build a foundation for your online video viewers and potential customers.

5. Great for SEO

Another great thing about YouTube is it works best for search engine optimisation purposes. It is always best practice to pick out specific tags and arrange them accordingly. YouTube allows you to attach 500 characters in your tags on your video description, making them easily visible on Google. This can also yield extra traffic for your website. Once you have mastered tagging on YouTube, your videos can be easily picked up on when people are searching for certain terms that relate to your video.

With the rising popularity of videos, companies are now turning towards professionally created content to promote their brand.

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