Corporate Video Production For YouTube

YouTube has over 1 billion unique users a month, 4 billion videos are watched every day and every minute over 100 hours of video are uploaded.

Now it isn’t exactly old news that companies are using YouTube to promote their business. Small businesses, large brands and even major names such as CNN have a YouTube channel. But don’t worry. It’s not too late! But why is YouTube the perfect platform for corporate videos? And how do you adapt the video production to match perfectly with YouTube features?

The benefits of YouTube

A huge amount of users, a user-friendly website and free uploading are some of the advantages of using YouTube as a platform for your corporate video. But there are features and options which are especially handy for online marketing. If you make use of these features in the right way, your video will work its way to the first page on the search results.

First of all, YouTube is of course owned by Google, and these days we are all fighting to get the highest rating in Google Search. If you manage to get a professional, high quality, high ranking video on YouTube it will also show up in Google’s organic search results. After uploading a video, you can make use of advertising solutions through Google AdWords. This will increase the amount of viewers dramatically. Be sure to put a professional on the job in order to get the best results.

YouTube also offers options for interactive videos. The user can click on the screen and decide where the story goes. This enhances the viewer experience and will increase the amount of users who watch the video until the end. Unfortunately this option does not yet work on mobile devices, but it is a great opportunity for the future.

Customising corporate videos for YouTube

First of all you need to put some work in your YouTube channel, make sure to include links to your website, make a playlist of your videos and customise the channel.

Only use high quality videos; the images need to be perfect, the sound needs to be perfect and your story too! It is very important that the viewers keep watching; not only in order to get your message across, but also because YouTube ranks videos that keep people watching quite a lot higher.

Keep in mind that people are not on YouTube to buy stuff, so be careful with advertisements. Present your product in an entertaining or informative way and people will watch; don’t try to sell through the commercial itself!

Do not forget to include SEO keywords in the video title and description. Also, use the right keywords when tagging the video. In order to optimise this, you will need to run a proper research. Do not skip this step, it is important in order to get high up in the search results!

Transcribe the content of your video. Even when the sound, voice and language are totally clear! There is nothing worse than a message which does not come across properly. Not all the words need to be transcribed, just the important sentences and keywords.

Corporate Video Production

A professional corporate video production company can help you develop the idea, plan the shooting and together you are more likely to make a high quality corporate video. Look for a video production company which has an understanding of YouTube marketing or online marketing; they will be able to customise the video so it works perfectly together with the YouTube features.

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