Different Uses For Corporate Video



Different Uses For
Corporate Video

When you think of corporate video you are probably going to have images of current promotions and perhaps the odd client testimonial. However, here at Holler, we know that corporate videos can be so much more.

So to help you to refresh your corporate videos and maximize their advantages, we have put together some of the alternative uses for corporate videos that you may not think of.

Your Landing Page

First impressions count, especially when it comes to new visitors to your website. A dull, uninteresting website may not capture their attention, meaning that they quickly click away to another site. Having a video on your landing page is not only going to grab attention from the minute that it appears but also makes a bold statement regarding your business.

“Corporate video can be applied to so many different areas, not just for promoting your company”

Health and Safety

There are very few people who enjoy a health and safety presentation. Usually, it includes countless pieces of paper, lots of information and worst of all isn’t always presented in the most interesting way.

So, to makes sure that your employees take notice of health and safety in your premises by presenting it to them in a video format. A high-quality video production is a great educational tool. It allows you to give visual examples to explanations and will have much better results when it comes to employee engagement.

Product instructions

Receiving a lot of enquires about how a particular product works? Or perhaps you know that something you sell is more than just a little bit complicated to set up? If this is true for you then you may find that your customers (and your customer service department for that matter) benefit from a product instruction video.

Many people tend to pick up instructions easier in a visual format, so make a video showing your customers just how it is done and then encourage them to have a go themselves.


Want to ensure that you secure the very best candidates for a role that you have coming up? Why not show off just how inventive and creative you are by creating a video advertising the role.

Not only is this a fantastic personal touch, but it also gives you the chance to show off your business, perhaps even giving them an insight into the place that they could work. In doing this, candidates will see the inner workings of your company and may find it all the easier to visualize themselves being a part of it.



There you have it, some different ways that you can use corporate videos to benefit your business. Want to know more about what video can do for you? Why not get in touch with us here at Holler, experts in corporate videos

We can help you transform your videos and make sure that your business is not only seen, but also remembered for all the right reasons. Such is the power of corporate video.

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