Colour grading is a useful way to make good videos look great. But what is it? Here we explain how grading and two other tricks can really help your business videos make the grade.



Colour grading is an absolutely vital tool in ensuring your video stands out and is something often overlooked when making videos. It can transform your footage from looking rather mediocre to bright, colourful and simply stunning on screen. Think looking outside through frosted glass, versus being actually stood outside in the bright sunshine.

Colour grading is described by some as the hidden stage in video production, but it really shouldn’t be. The camera operators and editors get all the obvious praise – but ultimately, if your video is graded well, the whole thing will feel high-end, cinematic and give the polished feel you were hoping for.




Another really important thing to think about is how you can incorporate motion graphics into your video production. They’re a hugely useful tool to not only reinforce messages covered by a voiceover or interviewee, but they are really effective at keeping a video moving.

They add interest, an additional dimension even, to a finished video. Well thought out graphics can be used to break sections up, highlight key elements in a shot, overlay things not seen by the camera and grab a viewer’s attention.

In this age of mobile and social platforms, a huge percentage of the video content we’re all watching is done so without sound which is something that should not be overlooked. This means an additional really key benefit of using animated text graphics is that in this situation the viewer will still get your key messages. The text can also act as an attention grabbing tool and hook to pull views in and encourage them to click to listen and find out more.

This promo for an exercise app is a prime example. The User Interface that pops up shows off the app, and demonstrates what it looks like in shots where you otherwise wouldn’t see it.

Watch Here: ETCHROCK 




It’s been said before – content is king. But in video it could not be more true. When thinking about what you need to include in your video, bear in mind that video is really great at providing a hook, giving an overview, getting people excited about a product. You then supplement it with supporting material such as printed brochures, presentations or even personal face to face meetings to cover the detail.

Creating a video that is really focused and to the point, means that your chosen messages will be really hammered home and ultimately your video will be super effective and do what it needs to do. Although tempting, the more you try to add in, the more you risk the messages getting watered down. Think short and snappy. Well thought out, to-the-point corporate content, made with a clear purpose will get your video noticed. 

Struggling to limit what you need to put in? Think about splitting your video into various smaller pieces of content, tailored to each purpose or message. Each one will then be much more effective and focused at its target audience. And you’ll get more collateral to share and use. What’s not to like?

Don’t worry though – you don’t need to know all this. That’s what people like us here at Holler are for. Video is what we do, day in day out, so every production we work on has the above (and more) in mind.



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