The Secret To Engaging & Cinematic Corporate Videos

When it comes to corporate videos, we like to keep our stuff looking great. Whether we’re hiring out some specialist kit or simply tweaking the background of an interview, how your video looks is important and so we aim to create great business videos with a cinematic look.

Of course content is key, but if your business video is low quality, dull or lacking the wow factor, you risk loosing your viewers – especially online, where it’s all too easy to click elsewhere. 100 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute – so there’s no shortage of related content to distract your audience.

Where to get video inspiration?

Sometimes when you’re looking for inspiration for your next campaign, it helps to simplify what you’re trying to say. Choosing one element to focus on can enable your production company to experiment with their creative flair. A great example of this idea is Haut Vol (translates as Flying High), a video for the Paris Opera Ballet recently featured on Vimeo Staff Picks.

The video focuses on beautiful slow motion shots of the dancers movements to keep the viewer engaged, with use of an intense minimalist music track to create an atmosphere. The simplicity of the video allows you to focus on the choreography – which is an important element in promoting the Paris Opera Ballet – and cinematography, which is no doubt why it’s become so popular online.

The video is also short, at just over a minute long it’s an ideal length for use online as attention spans tend to be much shorter than they used to be.

Of course your video needn’t be entirely based on the visuals, as a business it’s important to get across your message and so some text or a voiceover may be required. However cinematic corporate videos give your brand a professional edge and can really stand out from the crowd – especially online on sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

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