Case Study: Event Filming – Tenable InfoSec 2016

When it comes to events, companies spend a lot of time, money & effort to make sure that their stand/event is one to remember.

Event videos are a great way to highlight the best parts of the event, capture the buzz of the occasion, and make other people want to attend the next event. It can also act as an educational tool for those who were not able to attend.

In June 2016 we filmed an event wrap video for Tenable Network Security, one of the world’s leading cyber-security companies. The event in question was the Infosecurity Europe Conference (InfoSec 2016) and it was spread out over three days. InfoSec is Europe’s number 1 information security event, with over 300 exhibitors and over 12,000 visitors.

Tenable asked us to create two different things. Firstly, they wanted a series of short customer and partner testimonial interviews. They wanted to upload these to their social media at the end of each day, while the event was happening. Secondly, they wanted a 2-3 minute event wrap video that would capture the buzz of the occasion, as well as highlight the key takeaways from the event, including all the latest trends and buzzwords. The final video would feature in Tenable’s online blog and had to  be delivered the day after the event closed.

IMG_0046In order to make all of this achievable, Holler worked closely with the client to create a complete day-to-day schedule. Each day consisted of a producer and camera operator attending the event to capture the interviews and B-roll, whilst an editor would edit the footage from the day before in our mobile edit suite. The editor would then travel to the event at midday and collect the new footage captured that morning and continue editing.

Editing and shooting at the same time meant that we were able to deliver the customer/partner testimonial videos at the end of each day, as well as build the main blog video on the go.

Before the event, Holler also conducted detailed preparation of all the required assets for the project. This included everything from exporting graphics from after effects to selecting music tracks. This then afforded us as much time as possible for video editing when on location.

Another challenge we faced was the amount of kit we could take.

IMG_0048In an ideal world, you’d like to take a whole plethora of kit to help you capture a unique and stylish video. But at an event as large as this, there just isn’t the space for it. We made sure that we travelled as light as possible, only taking with us a camera + tripod, sound kit and a lightweight slider. This meant that we didn’t have loads of kit to carry with us everywhere, which made us much more mobile and time-efficient. This also made the lives of the Tenable exhibitors much easier. Because they didn’t have a ton of video equipment lying around their nice stand while they’re trying to engage with customers.

We were in constant communication with Tenable during the production and post-production phase, ensuring that the whole project went smoothly.

The result was six short and punchy testimonial videos and one stylish and professional event wrap video; which not only captured the spirit of the event, but also the spirit of the client and the way they interact with their customers.

Making an event video can be a great way of showing off your stand at an event or trade show. Holler can film and edit on location to ensure that your video has an extremely quick turnaround, whilst also looking professional and stylish.

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