Wish you were here? Event Video Production London

You’re running an event. It’s really important to your firm. You’ve invested plenty of time and money in it, you have experts or VIPs lined up and your company will be in the spotlight for a day or two: it’s great exposure.  But a videoed event? Think of the additional audience you could reach – ripples in the pond will reach for months, maybe years to come. Here’s why you should consider an event video production London and how to make sure it runs smoothly.


Benefits of Event Video Production

A videoed event can capture the immediacy, the atmosphere and the buzz. People’s attention span is short these days, so they’re far more likely to watch video which engages and gets points across quickly than plough through lengthy transcripts.

Video is also an investment – it reaches a much wider audience than the one you have on the day. If your event was sold out or people couldn’t attend because of the location, a full video will provide a record of the day; while an edited video is a great promotional tool for future events. Live streaming can allow people from all over the world to take part virtually.

Done right, it can show your company in the best possible light; and/or successfully introduce a new idea, product or service to a brand new set of prospective customers.



The Advantages of Hiring Experts

Pick the right firm and they’ll have done it before. They’ll come with all the right equipment and be prepared for any eventuality. They’ll know exactly what could go wrong and have contingency plans to cope.

They will also have the technology and equipment to fulfill expectations – people assume they’ll get all the trimmings these days – HD, full integration with social media and optimised content for mobile viewing, for example.

Finally, they’ll handle all the boring but necessary safety requirements – making sure equipment and cables are safe.


Finding the Right Event Video Production Company

Make sure you:

  • Appoint an agency with a track record – can they give examples of events similar to yours on their website? Do you like the way it looks?
  • Find people who understand your vision and share their expertise to suggest ways to achieve that.
  • Check the quality of the video will be fit for purpose (HD for YouTube etc); and that the audio will be as good as the visual.
  • Establish that, on the day, they will be discreet but ever-present. You don’t want them to miss filming the important bits, but equally your guests shouldn’t trip over cameras or even worse, feel too inhibited to speak up. Highlight your key moments to the videographers in advance so they know when and what to film.
  • Ensure they’ve got the resources to edit the film quickly if immediacy is an issue, because you don’t want to lose momentum.

This can make all the difference.


Options and Costs

The all-important question is what will it cost? The simple answer is ‘it depends’: on the format of the event and what you want the end product to be.

On the day, for example, do you want:

  • the entire event filming or just particular sections?
  • one-to-one interviews with participants?
  • live streaming?


Afterwards, do you want all the footage or an edited video file? Do you need on-screen titles, graphics and animation adding? Different outcomes are best for different media and circumstances, so make sure you discuss all the options and what it will cost beforehand.

You have enough to worry about making sure your event runs smoothly. Appoint a company you can trust to take the strain out of event video production on the day.

If you would like your next event filming, get in touch with the Holler team on 020 7112 8665 or email hello@justholler.uk

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