Why Experience is Key in Global Promo Videos

BMW produced an amazing promo video earlier this year for the new BMW M235i – ‘Drift Mob’.

Now, BMW are fortunate to have a couple things in place from the off to create a damn good video; global presence and some seriously nice cars. However, what you have isn’t always enough. Experience being one of them.

Most people can drive a fast car, fast. However how many people do you know that can drive a car sideways in between 4 other cars while travelling round a roundabout? Chances are you don’t. BMW have got it spot on for this promo, by getting some of the best drivers in the world to do some of the most outrageous driving on a public roundabout.

On top of having the drivers, you need a crew that can get the shot. These cars were moving fast, so knowing where they are going to be, before being there, is a skill. Naturally BMW drafted in one of the best to make sure it all went effortlessly – Ekkehart Pollack.

I have to say, this isn’t your typical car advert and something you don’t usually see. Car adverts either show you very little of the car, have the car driving in a straight line or have some people dancing around the car. This video didn’t have any of that, and subsequently reached over 10m views in the first week as well as being shared more than 25,000 times.

Check out the video below, as well as the behind the scenes:

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