Super Bowl 50: Holler’s Favourite Adverts

Super Bowl 50 is fast approaching and, whilst it’s fair to say that it’s not so big in the UK, on the other side of the pond it’s huge. Last year’s Super Bowl was watched by more than 114.4 million viewers in the United States. So with that many people tuning in, there aren’t many better advertising slots in the world than during the Super Bowl.

There also aren’t many advertising slots that are more expensive than those played during the Super Bowl. The cost of a 30-second ad slot during Super Bowl 50 has soared to $5 million. That’s quite a lot, so that means company’s make sure they go all out.

So in honour of these adverts, we are going to be taking a look at some of our favourite Super Bowl ads of 2016.


  1. “First Date” – Hyundai Advert (ft Kevin Hart)

Typical dad, right? Going out of his way to scare off his daughters latest love interest. In this advert, Hyundai have chosen to focus on their ‘Car Finder’ feature that lets you find your car’s location, anytime, anywhere. Concerned father, Kevin Hart, uses this feature to follow and keep a close eye on the young couple, making sure they don’t have too much fun. Now we’re sure that this isn’t the main reason that you would use this feature, but it makes for a funnier advert than someone who can’t remember where they parked.



  1. “There’s A New Money In Town” – Paypal Advert

Frankly, Paypal’s advert for the Super Bowl is superb. The angle that they’re taking with this one is that ‘New Money’ is the future and ‘Old Money’ has gone the way of the Dodo bird. They use a combination of great cinematography, a punchy music track and some snappy editing to make their point abundantly clear. This is definitely one advert that won’t go unnoticed this year.


  1. “Weiner Dog Stampede” – HEINZ Advert

This is a fairly simple idea, but it’s also an extremely effective one. What we have here is a bunch of sausage dogs dressed as hot dogs running towards a bunch of people dressed as ketchup. HEINZ has combined a classic love song, with the classic slow motion running-through-a-field scene, to create a very funny and very effective advert. What makes this advert effective is that it is highly shareable. Everyone loves a sausage dog; it’s just a fact of life. The only thing sweeter than a sausage dog is a sausage dog in a hot dog costume. So once you’ve seen it, you’re going to want to send it on to someone else who you know will also love it.


  1. Doritos Ultrasound – Doritos Crash The Super Bowl

This hilarious advert shows a not-so-bothered father munching on a bag of Doritos at his pregnant wife’s ultrasound scan. You then begin to notice on the scan the baby reaching out for a Dorito. When the wife takes his crisps and throws them across the room, the result is side-splitting.

Aside from this being a very funny advert, what makes this more interesting is the fact that it has been made by members of the public. Every year Doritos have a competition that they call “Crash The Superbowl” where members of the public can submit their own adverts. The winner’s video will have a guaranteed slot at the Super Bowl and they will also receive a cash prize. This year’s cash prize is $1,000,000.



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