How To Get Video Adverts on YouTube

YouTube has never been so popular. It doesn’t matter whether you are interested in music videos, movie trailers, political speeches or videos of adorable puppies. You name it and you will find it on YouTube. Since YouTube is reaching such a large audience, it is an effective way for companies to promote their products and services. We would recommend that all our clients put their corporate videos on YouTube, optimising with a good description and links to their website – but there are also some more direct ways to advertise and get the attention of your target audience on YouTube.

How Can I Advertise on YouTube?

One way to advertise on YouTube is to create a display or banner advert. Display ads appear as pop-ups while you are watching the video or appear alongside related YouTube videos. These display adverts can be in the form of a banner that will grab the viewer’s eye by making use of bright, colourful graphics and animations. If you are able to create an attractive banner advert, you can use it to promote your business on YouTube, drawing the viewers attention to your business.

You can also create pre-play video adverts, which can appear before you play your video or pop-up during it. These adverts make it mandatory for the viewer to watch the first few seconds and after that the option to skip it is given. Because it is possible to skip these adverts, you need to ensure you are grabbing the viewers’ attention and engaging them within the first couple of seconds.

How to Set Up YouTube Ads
YouTube Video Advert

1. Link YouTube & Adwords.
The first step in creating a video advert campaign on YouTube is to create a Google AdWords account and then linking this account to your YouTube account.

2. Decide Your Budget.
You also need to decide your desired budget per day. You don’t have to pay Google unless the viewer watched your advert all the way through. Though this makes sure you don’t lose out, you aim should be for viewers to watch the whole advert so that you achieve your objective.

3. Choose Target Audience.
It is up to you to decide where your advertisements will appear, how many times a day and in which countries, regions or cities. Depending on your brand and your target audience, you will decide which locations to go for. When building brand awareness it is better to be as broad as possible in order to increase viewership.

4. Check the Analytics
YouTube provides you with analytic data about the number of views a video gets, user engagement and other data that you should make use of in order to research before actually displaying your advert on YouTube. It also helps you determine your target market. You can create YouTube channels to express what your business is about and helping people to subscribe.

The most important thing is that no matter how you decide to advertise on YouTube, your video must be engaging and appealing to your viewers. This means keeping the quality high, production professional and content straight to the point.

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