Glitch Art and Modern Corporate Video Production

Once seen as a fatal error or sign of corrupted video files, glitches are fast becoming a stylistic choice for many modern corporate video production professionals, photographers and artists.

I recently stumbled across the work of Brazilian photographer and glitch artist Sabato Visconti, who uses pixel sorting tool Pixel Drifter to create distorted, unrecognisable, and beautiful images. A result of messing with the structure of the image itself to create something completely new.

Artists such as Visconti have also created pixelated, distorted images by re-writing the code within image files.

Video Production
Digital glitch effects can be found in experimental films from as early as the late 70s, but have recently gained a more mainstream appeal on TV, music videos and in corporate films as a great storytelling device.

glitch-textUsed in collaboration with an equally glitchy electro or dubstep music track, glitch effects can be used to move the story along, or to make the shots come alive with a punchy edit.

Popular micro video app Vine has also provided a great platform for looping glitch videos. “People have found a way to appreciate pixels and psychedelic patterns like never before” says Mashable’s Annie Park, who recently ran a glitch video Vine challenge on the website.

As technology develops there are now more ways than ever to create manipulated images or videos, and with the use of plugins such as mGlitch from Motion VFX, it’s also incredibly quick.

We’ve been using glitches in videos for the last few years to create modern edits in FCPX using plugins to create effects or transitions relevant to the topic or narrative. For example videos about security or technology are especially well suited to a digital distortion.

We’ve also created glitchy text treatments for various videos, adding a modern edge without distorting the image itself.

This reconstruction video was created for regular clients QinetiQ, who wanted to demonstrate their security services. The glitches work well with the CCTV style elements, as well as moving the story along stylishly.

Reconstruction Video from Holler on Vimeo.

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