Behind the Stunts with Furious 7 GoPro Video

The Fast & Furious films are well know for their high speed action scenes and enormous video production, so what better way to capture the shoot and fast paced car chases than with the leading action camera. Check out this GoPro video revealing behind the scenes footage of some of Furious 7’s unbelievable stunts, featuring a voiceover from Furious 7 stunt coordinator Jack Gill, explaining the planning behind the stunts.

Behind the GoPro Stunts

In the GoPro video you’ll see the army of support vehicles utilised for the chase scenes as well as shots of some of the video production’s riskiest stunts yet! Using GoPro HERO 4 cameras attached to the filming equipment, the production captured high quality shots of the cars rolling down cliff sides through evergreen, showcasing some of the insane stunts the production achieved in an attempt to top the last instalment.

The online video shows the GoPros capturing daunting aerial shots with cars falling from the sky out of a flying C-130. This is another fantastic promotional video for GoPro, revealing the precision, planning and acrobatics that came together for this extreme production.

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