How High Quality Corporate Video Can Build Customer Trust

Good relationships with your clients are crucial to running a successful business. Just like every relationship – the most important factor is trust. There are few better ways the build trust with your customers than through a high quality corporate video. Creating a trusting relationship with your customers helps you increase sales, keeps your brand relevant and, most importantly, keeps your customers away from your competition. This is because once a customer knows what to expect from you and they trust your company, they don’t have much reason to be shopping around when they next come to make a purchase.

“Nothing helps build customer trust quite like a high quality corporate video.”

Where Does Video Come In?

It can often take quite a long time to build trust with your clients, but one way to build trust quickly is through high quality corporate video content.

Need more proof? Well according to this recent survey, 57% of customers say that high quality corporate video content gives them the confidence they need to make a purchase.

But don’t think that just any old video will do the trick. There are certain video types that people respond better to and help build a greater sense of trust. Some videos that are overly sales driven won’t necessarily build trust with your clients. This is because people are becoming more cynical of adverts these days.

So what types of high quality corporate video will build trust?

Testimonial Video

This is the video production equivalent of a 5-star Google review, except so much more effective. Is there a much more effective way of gaining trust that through a glowing review from another happy customer? It gives you the chance to tell a great story about your services and how they’ve benefitted this particular customer. Once people see how happy your existing clients are, they’ll have no hesitation in wanting to work with you.

Product Videos

Most product pages only have pictures, big mistake. Remember how we said that 57% of people feel more confident about buying a product after they’ve seen a video? Then you should potentially think about making a product video. This can just be a short video demo of the product which gives customers a chance to see the product in action. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures.

Company Overviews

Potentially one of the most effective ways of building trust is through a high quality company overview. These help to put a face to your company and introduces yourself to your customers. For maximum effective, use actual employees in your video. It helps add a real personal touch to the video. That goes a long way when it comes to building trust with your customers.

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