How Corporate Video Production Could Evolve In 2018


How Corporate Video Production Could Evolve In 2018

Yes, it’s that time already. Another year has passed and 2018 is in full swing. 2017 saw much innovation and investment in a myriad of technologies such as VR, Augmented Reality, and 360º video, which altered the way corporations market to consumers. But that was last year. We want to know how corporate video production is going to evolve in 2018.

Increased Mobile Use

It’s already apparent that mobile traffic has overtaken traditional traffic. In 2018, mobile traffic is set to increase even more. Some experts are saying that in 2018 and over the next 3-5 years, mobile video ads are going to be the quickest growing digital advertising segment. For now, over 80% of corporate advertisement videos are still watched on desktop computers, however, more emphasis will need to be put on optimising corporate video for mobile audiences this year and further into the future.

“Mobile video ads are going to be the quickest growing digital advertising segment”

Live Streaming

Streaming live video is already very popular on certain social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. In 2017, the amount of live ‘streams’ grew exponentially. It’s becoming a much more popular way of creators sharing content, however it may also become a way for businesses to market video too. An increase in live stream quality and sophistication through ‘White Label Streaming’ sites may entice companies to market this way in 2018 thanks to their useful embedding capabilities, which encourages improved audience retention.

4K & HDR

As the high resolution and detail technologies that are 4K and HDR continue to be invested in and evolve, naturally the cost of these technologies are decreasing, making them more accessible to the consumer. Currently, it may not be a priority for you to work with your professional video production company to create your corporate video in 4K, but this could change. As more people purchase and have access to 4K & HDR screens, the advantages of developing your corporate video in 4K will become very apparent. The increased quality of your video will make the content look much more attractive to the audience.

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