How to Make a Banner Advert – 4 Steps To Success


How to make a banner advertWHAT IS A BANNER ADVERT?

When you surf the internet you come across many online advertisements. Online advertising is becoming a key element of many marketing strategies for companies. In fact 72% of agencies say that online video advertising is just as effective, if not more so, than TV advertising. So it comes as no surprise that many brands and companies are opting for this cost-effective and flexible way to get their message across while generating traffic towards their website.

Banner adverts are a special sort of hypertext link that appears as an image or video on different web pages. You see them on all kinds of websites, above articles or videos, and are sometimes but not always related to the page you’ve visited. For example, this article on The Telegraph this morning has a banner ad for American Express at the top of the page.

The great thing about these ads is that if someone clicks on it, they will directed to your website. This gives your website and the product or service you are promoting that little extra bit of exposure that could make a huge difference.

There is no doubt that digital display is powerful and competitive so you need to make sure you are using this medium effectively. You might know what you want to advertise and what you are trying to achieve but being able to do it is not as simple as it seems. Even if you have banner adverts all over the internet, they need to intrigue your potential target market and work for you. To do this in the best way possible you need to know how to create a successful banner advert.





Online advertising can help you reach a large audience but you need to be clear who exactly your audience is. Your aim might be to get as many clicks as possible but if you are not attracting the right audience, it won’t contribute to your business the way you want it to. Think about who your target audience is, and what might appeal to them.


Come up with an advertising message that show your potential customers what your business is about. It should be simple and clear, not a clutter of messages that would confuse the viewer. Also keep in mind that the message should be appealing in order to attract your market. Your company logo should be there so people can connect the message to the brand.


Once you know your audience and message, you have taken the first few steps for your banner advert. But just as important as the words you chose, is the design of the banner. How the message is placed and what graphics and animations you use is extremely important. This is what makes banner adverts stand out and in the competitive online market; you need to make sure your design is distinctive and attractive. Your banner advert will have to be easy to understand without the use of sound. The text needs to be clear and not too wordy. It’s also worth thinking about whether you want a live action video or an animation.


Once your banner advert has been created, you can decide which webpages you want it to be displayed on. You want a webpage that is trusted and generates a lot of traffic. Determining the location is important because you want to approach those webpages which will already be targeting the audience you want to tap into. Once you have determined how to create a banner advert, decide on where you can place it.

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