At Holler, we want to reassure you there are many ways we can film your corporate video safely during COVID-19.

It’s safe to say the way we are all going to have to work will be slightly different from what we are all used to. Video production is no different.

If you’ve got video production high on your marketing to-do list, then you may be wondering exactly how it’s going to work. How can you keep everyone safe and adhere to your COVID policies? 


Fully Briefed and Protected Crew

Our crews have been thoroughly briefed on the correct procedures for maintaining social distancing and hygiene levels. 

All of our crews will be equipped with face masks and surgical gloves, as well as carrying hand sanitiser as an extra precaution. 

We will also wipe down any surfaces at the end of a shoot where we have placed a piece of kit or come into contact with. 


Limit of crew members

Where possible, we will also be limiting our crews to 3 crew members. This will include a Producer, Cam Op & Production Assistant.

Our fully briefed Production Assistants will also be dedicated to ensuring COVID safety measures are carried out. This means your Producer and Camera Operator can focus on capturing all the footage for your video. 


Operate at Safe & Recommended Distances

We don’t need to be that physically close to you to get the footage we need. 

We can utilise zoom lenses and wireless microphones to ensure we capture great footage and sound, whilst still maintaining distancing guidelines.


Contained in a single area or outdoor location

Another way of filming your corporate video safely is to contain the shoot to a single area or outdoor location.

Often we film interviews and B-Roll in an office meeting room. So we’ve got lots of experience in maximising our footage in any environment. 

Outdoor locations also offer less risk as they are deemed to be safer places to be. 


Do you have any concerns about how we can shoot your project safely? We can work with you to address any issues. For a full look at our COVID-19 safe shooting policies DOWNLOAD OUR POLICY DOCUMENT