What is the Ideal Length for My Corporate Video?

Videos have become an integral part of every online marketing platform nowadays. Videos are versatile and effective in getting messages across. Why, you ask… That is because they are easy to share, interactive and effective tools for promotion and marketing. A crucial aspect in creating a video that will truly fulfil its purpose is the length of the video. Professional video production companies will be able to tell you the science behind it and allow you in turn, to share a video that people will not only enjoy watching but share as well.

Videos to Introduce a New Product

If you are using a video to introduce a new product to your customers and prospective customers alike, it is important that you keep it as short and as brief as you can. The time ranges from 30 seconds to maximum 2 minutes. Beyond that, people will lose interest. The key is to create content that will spike their interest and curiosity about the product that you are advertising and promoting. Do not give away all the details in the video, you should make them look you up and visit your web page or store to know more about the product. Another reason for keeping your video short is that you do not want to scare your viewers off because the video is too lengthy. Consider that they might be watching it during a break.

Online Marketing Videos

If the video you are creating is for the purpose of marketing, you should keep its length ideally below 8 minutes. This is enough time to include all the information that you need to share about your product or service without being boring and losing the interest of the viewer. Well-made marketing promotional videos with fun or compelling content is guaranteed to generate more views and be shared by the people who viewed the video.

Educational Videos

How-to and educational videos also gain a lot of views on the internet, especially on YouTube. It would be wise to create such videos that directly relate to your business’ expertise. These videos can range from any topic under the sun that you think your audience can relate to and make use of. In order to achieve this, you should know your audience and customers well. A video production company can help you analyse your web page’s analytics and guide you accordingly.  These videos should be easy to understand, not too lengthy and interesting to watch.

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