Why People Aren’t Watching Your Online Corporate Video

It’s often the most frustrating part about the online corporate video production process. You’ve spent a lot of time, money and effort making some high quality video content, but no one is watching it.

It’s something that confuses and frustrates a lot of marketing people across the industry.

It can often leave you wondering what you did wrong. Where the videos actually as good as you thought? Did you mess up on the scripting? There are quite a few things that stop people from watching your videos that you may not even realise. Some things are more obvious than others, but here is our list of the most common things that make people think twice about watching your videos.

“You may think it’s out of your control. But you’d be wrong.”

They’re too long

It seems as if people’s attention spans are getting shorter by the day – some studies suggest it only lasts for about 8 seconds. That’s a really short window that you’ve got to capture their attention. Studies also suggest that people much prefer video that is under a minute in length.

Before most people watch an online corporate video, they tend to look at the duration. You probably do it yourself, if you think about it. They’re much more likely to click on a video that is a less than 2 minutes that they are one that is over that.

You’re not optimizing the video

Another thing that a lot of people fail to do is to properly optimize their video. This is where YouTube comes into it’s own because, being owned by Google, it has many different layers of optimization. It’s not just as simple as giving your video an accurate, clear and concise title; there’s many other things that you should be doing to help it get seen.

The first thing is the description. Keep this under 1000 characters, people didn’t click on your video to read an essay. Besides, YouTube only displays the first few lines anyway. So put any mission-critical information up top.

You’ll also need to add tags to your video. This helps YouTube understand what your video is about. It’ll then associate your video with similar videos, making it appear as a suggested video. Be sure to use honest and accurate tags for your video. Google may penalize you if you use false tags to get more views.

You’re only posting to one channel

Whilst YouTube is great and there’s very good reason why it’s the most popular place for people to put their videos, it shouldn’t be the only place you put your videos. First and foremost, because if you only put it in one place, you’re severely limiting it’s visibility.

The second most important place for video these days is now Facebook. Did you know, for example, that Facebook gets over 8 billion daily video views? That’s a whole lot of audience you’re missing out on if you only posting to one channel. It might also be worth re-purposing that video specifically for Facebook. Seeing as 85% of people on Facebook watch videos with the sound off. That means shorter versions with bold and stylish subtitles.

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