International Corporate Video – Top Tips

A lot of companies these days have a global presence and have offices in many different countries across the world. Chances are that they will also have clients based all over the world as well. So it’s only natural that businesses want to tap into that multinational audience for their corporate video production.

There is a ton of work that goes into producing a video that has been filmed in a different country. Things like visas, customs forms, budget management, flights, hotels and transport are among a whole list of things that need to be sorted for the camera crew.

Here at Holler, we’re able to sort all of this and take everything off of your plate. In 2017 alone we’ve planned and produced videos that have been shot in some of Europe’s biggest cities. Including; Paris, Stockholm, Vienna, Milan, Brussels, Istanbul, Zurich, Helsinki, Riga and many more. So we know what we’re doing.

“Producing high quality international corporate video takes real experience.”

Avoid Using Local Crews Where Possible

Whilst some local crews are quite good, the quality of work from local crews can be incredibly inconsistent.

Which is why we would recommend sending a high quality video production company from London. You’ll need to pay more for flights etc, but it’s a small price to pay for a smooth production and a high quality product. Sometimes budgets don’t always allow for this, but if you can, we would always recommend using a London crew.

Only use a reputable, experience video production company

There is far too much at stake to risk putting all of this planning in the hands of people who haven’t done this before. You should also remember that the crew you send will be representing your company. So want to be sure that you’re sending the professionals who are going to represent you well.

Get Hold of a Local to Assist the Crew

One thing that can really help international corporate video shoots run smoothly is through the help of a local. Do you have a contact in the international office who would be free to help the crew? Having someone fluent in the language, knows the location and knows the people can be a god send for crew on location. It also helps smooth out the language barrier.

Understand the Work Ethic in Different Countries

It’s also a good idea to research how people work in the country you’re planning on sending the crew too. This can be particularly important when planning a shooting schedule. For example, some countries don’t really get going until mid-afternoon. So it might be a waste of time to get your crew set up first thing in the morning.

It may seem obvious – but don’t forget to take into account the local time difference.