iPhones: The future of corporate video?

With the iPhone 5 now able to record up to 1080p HD footage, many companies are considering making their own corporate videos in the office.

For a quick and easy video message to be shared internally they can be great, and for some clients we’d recommend them, but when it comes to your external company image they might do more damage than good.

When making company brochures, posters or business cards you’d probably hire a professional printer because the high-quality finish looks professional, reflects your brand and appeals to potential customers and investors.

We believe it’s the same with making your corporate video.

Making a video on your iPhone or iPad may seem like a quick alternative, but it could leave a lasting impression that you do things on the hoof or that your set-up is a bit amateur. The videos that feature on your website, Facebook or Twitter page are often the first thing that people see when looking into your business, and so you need them to have the high-quality, glossy finish that reflects your company to gain interest and create a talking point.

Some of the most eye catching company videos rely on professional lighting, sound design and editing to create a memorable image or idea – can making your own video deliver the same result?

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