Covid-19 has thrown businesses of every nature into a spiral with which there is no clear end. From the global stock exchanges through to local supermarkets, every industry has had to manage the ever-changing conditions. One day you can venture outside freely, the next, you are confined indoors. As the world watches and waits in anticipation, it is key to think in terms of Now, Next and Beyond and ensure that your brand’s presence is maintain in an emphatic way. Check out the video below Check out the video below and get in touch with us so we can be your companion through the crisis.





Communication is absolutely vital for everyone: brands, prospects, employees, customer. We are all going through the same issues. Rather than use messages that don’t reflect the situation, adapt your messaging to show the empathy and humanity of your brand values to engage with what is happening across the world. As a result, your communications could win you some new advocates.


ManyKeep everyone in the loop – jut because you’re physically isolated, it doesn’t mean you’re alone, bizarrely, we are already emerging to be more connected than ever. Maintain a dialogue with your colleagues and teams – whether work-related or not. Humans are naturally social creatures, and going for long periods without social contact can be a source for anxiety or stress. Like with communication, a little empathy can go a long way.


What is a business without a client to sell goods and services to? Take this time to reach out to clients, connect with them on a human level and develop the relationship. See how they are coping with the situation, get to know them as real people rather than the voice on the end fo the phone, compare experiences and they won’t forget you in a hurry. You will find that your small act of kindness and humanity will keep you present way beyond the end of this.



The points outlined above are really a set of suggestions to help preserve your brand now, during and beyond this global crisis. From our isolated homes it can feel as if everything is grinding to a halt, but the world will keep on turning. Use this time productively as an investment in your brand or business, this is a moment that will define us all and rather than wait and see, it is time to adapt, innovate and ensure your brand is preserved for many years to come.

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