3 Ways To Make Corporate Video Production Easier

Making a corporate video production can seem like a difficult task, but with the use of a professional video production company, the process can become much easier and even enjoyable! To get the ball rolling, your production company will need to know the following:  

1. Who Are You Going To Show It To?

Something to consider first is who your target audience is. Are you trying to attract new customers, inform your staff or keep existing clients engaged with your brand? Think about what these viewers would like to see, and how you can get your message across to them in the most effective way possible. If you’re not sure, your professional video production company will have some ideas. Getting your corporate video out there is really important, and you’ll probably want people to share information about your brand.  Social media is one of best methods to get your video shared online, especially if you’ve put it on YouTube or Vimeo, as millions of hours of footage are watched everyday on YouTube. This method is perfect to engage with existing or potential customers to capture more business.Top Video Production Company For London

2. What Do You Need Your Video To Do?

You can create your video for a range of different purposes, from promoting a service or product, to internal training or to give an overview of your company. Something to think about is what do you want viewers to do once they’ve watched your video? Do you want them to buy a product, to have learnt something or do you want them to share it on their social media pages? Video can increase the duration that a person spends on your website, and your audience is more likely to remember what they saw and heard than other marketing methods.

3. Where Are You Going To Show It?

Knowing where your corporate video will be shown usually comes down to your target audience – are they more likely to watch a video on your website, or on your company Facebook page?  Regardless of where people are watching your video, viewers no longer have the attention spans nor the time to watch lengthy videos. So as a rule, make sure your online marketing video is short, informative and concise so that YOUR audience are more likely to watch it through to the end.

A corporate video production company can help with these elements to create a bespoke corporate video or marketing film to appeal to your target market. 

To find out how you can make corporate video work for you, get in touch with the Holler team on 020 7112 8665 or email hello@justholler.uk 

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