How to Make Engaging Corporate Videos

Companies use corporate to communicate with their existing and potential customers. Corporate videos have quickly become an indispensable tool in marketing. The Internet is filled with advertisement videos, instructional videos, teasers and more. And why not? It is the perfect platform to advertise your business. If your company doesn’t have a corporate video yet, the evidence suggests it might be profitable to make one!

But beware! While a few years ago making a corporate video already set your company aside as innovative and modern, today almost everybody has a few videos online. And, when hundreds of cute “check-my-baby-videos” and “my-dog-can-sing-videos” are just a click away, you will need to know how to make engaging corporate videos to keep the viewers from clicking on something else.

Videos with bad lighting, poor image quality and no storyline will not help the image of your company, in contrary; they will give a cheap and outdated impression.

The perfect corporate video informs, entertains and calls to action; it’s not too long, gets the viewers’ attention straight away and keeps this attention throughout the video. This may sound quite simple, but it is not always that easy to achieve. There are a few basic things you need to keep in mind in order for your corporate video to succeed.


  • Think about what your company actually offers the viewer through this video, not only about what you want to say. Do you have any information that could make an interesting how-to-video or maybe you want to entertain the viewer while presenting your services?  Make sure that you give your audience a reason to watch the video.
  • Only use high quality equipment. A corporate video directly reflects on your company and you do not want to give a poor impression.
  • Make the video interesting to watch by using different shots, not just a number of people telling your story. Use enough B-roll footage, shoot at staff meetings, during daily tasks or at the company party; get creative!
  • Use background music to enhance the emotion in the video. With the right tune, your video will attract viewers and keep them hooked. It will also stick around in the memory of your viewers for longer.
  • Use the style and colours of your brand, this will make the video recognisable and you have a greater chance that the viewer will remember your company.
  • Give the viewers a reason to watch the video until the end. A lot of people lose attention after 45 seconds and you will need to find a way to persuade them to watch longer. You can, for example, promise the solution to a dilemma, intrigue, spark wonder and ask questions right up until the end. A good video production company will help you with this during the scripting process.


  • Do not attempt to cut the budget by making and/or editing the video yourself. It will cost you more money in the end to right the wrongs. A professional company has the technical know-how, equipment, contacts and time to make an amazing video, while a poor video may even cost you customers and may waste your money.
  • Don’t make the video too long; attention spans are only getting shorter.
  • Avoid giving too much information. The brain can only process so much info at a time. Stick to one or two messages and make sure that they come across; the other information can be used in a second video, or can be waiting for them at your website (which they will go to after seeing your amazing video)!
  • Do not forget to put in a call to action, even if discrete. If you want action, you need to tell the people what to do. There are many ways to engage the caller into clicking further to the website, liking your page, subscribing to your channel or even buying your product!


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