How to Make Your Software Video Production More Engaging



Software Video Production

Our name may give it away, but we’ve worked on our fair share of software video production projects. Some are more promo focused, others are more of a testimonial style but ultimately they all have the same goal – they need to be engaging.

Having worked on so many different styles of videos, we’ve got some great ideas around what can take your software video production to the next level and really keep your viewers engaged.

You might want a video that explains how your software works, maybe you’re launching a new product, or you just want to show your new website off, we’re here to help and can make your content stand out from the crowd.

“Think about how your audience is watching your video, that will help you focus your idea”

Tricks & Tips

There’re a few tricks and tips we can bring to the party to make sure that you’re project and video production is as engaging as it can be. That may be as simple as adding some pop out graphics, text animations that drive key messages home, or different edits for different platforms, all these things combined give your content a better chance of being viewed.


Think about how your audience will be watching your content, that will help you focus on an idea and what needs to be included. It might be worth thinking about different versions of your video; one for social that is more of a teaser, a longer version that sits on your homepage and a version that’s meant for meetings. There’re so many options, but if you’ve got your audience in mind throughout your software video production you’ll be producing something that is engaging for them.


At Holler, we’ve got an experienced team of producers and thinkers that can take your idea and turn it into something brilliant. We’ll work with you throughout the process, from inquiry all the way to delivery. We’ll develop your idea, take away all the stress and make sure you’re happy with the end result. Get in touch with one of the team today to bring your idea to life.

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