The Marketing Tool In Your Pocket: Mobile Marketing

It has been reported that in 2014 mobile phone subscriptions are expected to outnumber people, as the use of mobile devices grows daily.

The prediction comes from The International Telecoms Union, who say “every day we are moving closer to having almost as many mobile cellular subscriptions as people on earth,” as there are currently 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions and 7.1 billion people in the world.

Overall, 55 percent of mobile phone owners use their device to access the Internet, and it is anticipated that by next year people will be using iPhones, iPads and BlackBerrys to access the Internet more than their desktop computers.

It is clear that mobile usage is increasing, and because of this many businesses are now focusing their marketing strategies on ‘mobile marketing’ – content that can be easily viewed on a mobile device, and this includes promotional corporate videos.

The use of video is one of the best ways to communicate with your customers and get your message across quickly and clearly.

Not only can you create a YouTube Channel complete with your company branding, but also you can share your channel and videos across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, increasing views, improving your SEO and fitting into your mobile marketing strategy smoothly.

With a Holler ‘iPitch’ video, you can carry your corporate video on the go to show potential clients and investors exactly what you do, fast.

For more help on improving your mobile marketing strategy through corporate video, get in touch.

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