Nano Falcon DigiCam: Tiny RC Helicopter With A Built-In Camera

For years people have been flying tiny helicopters around their rooms, now Silverlit, the company that created the world’s smallest flying toy, has managed to fit a video camera into its miniature RC helicopter. The NanoFalcon DigiCam includes double rotor design, keeping it stable in flight. While a tail rotor tilts the whole craft slightly forward, so that it can be flown around any room instead of just hovering in one place.


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The incredibly tiny RC helicopter’s built-in camera is capable of capturing stills or video onto a microSD card, but not so surprising is its image resolution, which is limited to VGA 640×480 for both video and stills.

Fully charged, the mini drone will have up to four minutes of continuous flight time to capture all your stills and videos. The tiny chopper’s remote also doubles as a tiny camera housing. The blades can fold up so that it can fit easily into the top, where you can then capture images by hand. However with even the cheapest phones boasting resolutions far greater than VGA, you probably won’t be buying this for and professional video production but just for a bit of fun. Set to be released early next month, this wont be going up against brands like DJI. However we can see it definitely going up against Parrot’s new range of miniature drones.

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