Online Marketing Video For A Social Age

You’re browsing on Facebook and you see an online marketing video, what’s the first thing you do? Press play? No. See how long the video is? Yes. The most shareable and likeable videos tend to be the ones that are short, quick and concise. Facebook is something most people look at when they have five minutes free in between their busy lives, so watching a lengthy online marketing video isn’t really on the agenda.

How important is video on social platforms?

Facebook has around 1.3 billion monthly users worldwide, and with that many eyes there is nearly an average of a billion video views a day. According to Chris Cox, Facebook’s chief product officer, video is still in its infancy on Facebook. So with numbers that big, apparently being only the beginning, it’s paramount to have a video presence on Facebook, along with other social platforms.

Getting it right

Over 65% of video views on Facebook are from mobiles, meaning that videos are being watched more often on the move. This factor should come into your plans when thinking of creating an online marketing video. You may want a lengthy video to showcase your brand or product, but maybe a three minute video would be best suited if it was split up into six, 30 second videos. Not only will this improve viewing figures, but it also gives you the opportunity to entice people to wait for the next video to be published. If you really are set on that three minute video, how about creating a short teaser clip including links to the main video.

The Ideas

Shareability of online marketing videos are vital. Whether it’s passing it on to a colleague via email, sharing the video on Facebook or retweeting a link through Twitter, the best way to get a video seen is by sharing it with people. When planning an online marketing video that you are keen to share on your social media platforms, ask yourself ‘Would I share this content?’

However, sometimes, you need your video to do a job. It may not be the most interesting content, but it is best served as a video rather than text. Finding the right company to make that potentially dull, but important, content interesting is a very important factor to think about. Make sure you research portfolios and previous work that has been completed and published by companies. You can view all of Holler’s recent video productions here –

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