Online Video Content | What More Can It Be?



Online Video Content | What More
Can It Be?

You’ve probably heard this a lot, but video marketing is changing and so is the way we watch and use video content. It’s no longer good enough to make just one version of a video, you need to have a video for certain situations.

This may mean having a 10 minute version for a presentation and a punchier, 1 minute version for YouTube. It may be a pitch, an event or simply something to host on your site, but ultimately you always need to be asking yourself, why am I creating this piece of online video content?

“It’s no longer good enough to have just one version of a video.”

The initial thought might be to create something that goes online, which is natural as that is where most video content is watched, but what other uses could you get out of that video?

Online video content doesn’t just have to be thought as ‘online’. What if you had a video initially made for online, but then tweaked to work at an event or pitch?

Ultimately, you want to make the most use of everything you produce, and we’ve got some tips on making sure your online video content is used to it’s best potential:


Ask yourself ‘Why?’

– Why are you making the video? Answering this question will really give you a better understanding of not only what the content should be, but where it should be shown.

– All the way through the production, ask yourself why. If you’re writing a script, read it through and make sure it answers that initial thought of why you’re making the video.

– What screen do you need the video to be shown on? It may be that it’s for your website’s homepage initially, but cutting it right down could mean something much more impactful for social media. You may be producing online video content initially, but think about offline as well. Adding big, bold text might mean you can use the video at an event. Shorten the video and use it at pitches.


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