Video Streaming Trends in 2015

Online video marketing & streaming is going to get bigger in the coming year and considering the growing importance and relevance of marketing on various online and internet platforms, it is recommended that businesses and brands explore their full potential to keep a tab on various aspects and trends of online video viewing.

Following are a few insights that provide useful information about the expected trends of video streaming in 2015, in order to help you effectively devise and implement an online video marketing strategy.

Tracking Online Viewership

Since the trends of television viewing have taken a significant shift in the recent past, with most of the viewers now showing increased inclination towards online viewing of television shows, most of the television networks and production companies are expected to adopt a modern approach for keeping a tab on the viewership trends. It is expected that in 2015, online streaming will be tracked to get a more holistic idea about the success of a television show.

With most of the television viewers now opting for online platforms for viewing their favourite programmes, it was inevitable that at some in time executives would give the idea of tracking online streaming a serious thought.


Video search has become more personalised as online video production and marketing companies have been heavily employing the use of meta-data. This means that the present day consumer has adopted a specified and narrower approach for online video viewing, employing various useful tools to make his online video search more concise and relevant. This trend ids to grow further in the coming times and businesses need to adopt a more focused approach in the creation of marketing videos and online video marketing.

Employment of Online Video Streaming for Increased Productivity at Workplace

It is expected, that the utility of online videos is to extend beyond leisure and entertainment in 2015. Businesses now consider online videos as useful tools and it will not be a surprise if they employ these to bridge various gaps that have been created as a result of time constraints and various other challenges of the modern age. Ultimately, through online video production and viewing, businesses aim at increasing their overall productivity.

Today, many of the businesses are already involved in the establishment of in-house video sharing platforms which is indicative of online video streaming gaining increasing importance and relevance in various industries and professional fields.

Increased Use of YouTube for Brand Promotion

Though, online video marketing has grown exponentially over the recent past but very few brands have been able to completely use the widely accessed platform of YouTube for online video streaming to the most of their benefit. As brands have come to realise the widespread influence of YouTube on consumer decisions, they are now rapidly employing tools and techniques to effectively communicate with their consumers through this medium.

In the coming year, the role of YouTube in the creation of brand awareness and brand promotion is expected to grow by significant ratios.


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