Online Video More Effective Than TV Advertising

A report from eMarketer has found that most advertising executives now believe that the use of online video is far more effective than traditional television advertising.

Overall, research estimates that online video views grew by 23 percent this year. eMarketer have said that “the popularity of digital video viewing is helping drive the expansion of the online video ad market,” leading many ad execs to plan their own online video maketing strategy.

You only have to watch a handful of online videos to come across pre-play advertising, but this isn’t the only way to use online video to your advantage. In fact, research shows that consumers prefer choice above being forced to watch an ad.

YouTube is a great place to put your promotional videos, as you can create a channel to manage them, meaning a viewer is more likely to view more content from your business.

Another place to put your promo video is on your website. Research suggests that the best place to have a video on your website is the home page and “above the fold” so that it is there ready to view as soon as someone goes to your website.

It is also better to have a short and snappy video that attracts attention, rather than a very long and informative video that your viewers may not have time for.

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