Why You Should Outsource To A Video Production Company

We’re in an age now where everyone has a smartphone, and therefore, has the capability to produce video and post it to the internet. Whilst that’s okay for filming silly cat videos and posting to YouTube, it’s probably not the best solution for your business.

It’s almost certainly going to be cheaper than getting a professional video production company in. But an in-house video may not show your company in the best light. The bottom line is that your customers are going to judge the quality of your services/products based on the quality of your video. Anything that you’re putting in front of your customers needs to look tip top.

When it comes to video production, most companies don’t have the resources to produce high-quality video marketing content that works. Which is why they bring in a professional video production company.

“Some things are just better left with the professionals.”

There are many reasons why you’re better off putting your project in the hands of the professionals. So here are our key reasons for why you should outsource your video production.


Chances are that your team probably don’t shoot, edit and produce video all day every day. But for a professional video production company, it is their bread and butter. From the minute you hand over a brief their creative juices will be flowing and they’ll know exactly what they need to shoot, how they’re going to shoot it and how they’re going to edit it.

It’s not just about the production side of things either, at Holler, our producers are expert planners. So if your shoot requires travelling abroad, booking accommodation or hiring actors or studios, they know exactly who to talk to and how to plan everything down to a tee.


Using a professional video production company is going to result in a much better final product. Not only will they be using the professional and top of the line equipment but they know exactly how to use it and how to get the best out of it.

They are also able to advise on current trends and will work with you on your video production ideas. A good video production company will be able to give you advice on your idea and won’t be afraid to tell you if your idea could be improved.

Stress-free Service

At Holler, we pride ourselves on our un-rivalled stress-free service. We’re able to take everything off of your hands and take care of the whole production from start to finish. A lot of our people can find it quite daunting, being tasked up with creating some fresh video marketing content for their company. But Holler know exactly how to make stylish, fresh video content that works and make you and your company look great.

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