Hiring A Promo Video Production London Based Company

The Benefits

In the past video marketing was seen as something quite complicated, however over recent years online adverts and videos have become much more common in our personal and professional lives. These days we need to be much more inventive when it comes to getting the attention of our customers. Ever growing technology means that companies are able to be much more creative when it comes to advertising and so you need to be too! That is why it can be worth getting on board with a video production London based company to create eye-catching modern§ marketing and promotional videos.

Know Your Customer Base

The best way that you can make sure your promotional videos are successful is getting to know your customers. The industry you are in and the people you are trying to reach will have a big effect on  the type of advertising that they are going to respond to. Generally speaking we’re all used to receiving instant access to what we want to know especially via social media. This means that our attention spans when it comes to the internet are short because it’s very easy to to click from one thing to another quite quickly. That is why if you’re going to go down the route of video marketing then you need to make sure that you create videos that people are going to want to stick with.

Creating The Right Type of Video

By contacting a promo video production London based company you can make sure that the video you create is done in the right way. Research shows that you need to capture the attention of viewers within the first 10 seconds otherwise they will switch onto something else – which the likes of YouTube make so easy to do! If you’ve been asked to look into creating a corporate promotional video for your company, it can be overwhelming to come up with a concept and organise filming at multiple locations, which is why getting an experienced professional video production company on board can be a real help.

Choosing A Promo Video Production London Based Company

By using a company that knows what they are doing, you can make use of their skills and experience. On top of this you can expect industry standard kit – from the latest HD cameras to professional video editing software, royalty free music tracks and great connections to get the very best crew involved in your project.


Holler are a promo video production London based company that can help to make sure that your online videos keep the attention of viewers, and ultimately make your business more successful. We’ve won awards for our modern snappy promotional videos, and larger scale cinematic web promos. We’ve got bags of experience and lots of ideas to get your promo seen and shared!

If you want to find out more about promo video production, get in touch with the Holler Team in 020 7112 8665 or email hello@justholler.uk. 

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