A quick guide to the benefits of your corporate video production

Getting the ball rolling on your Corporate Video Production can appear daunting, especially if you’re  wondering if it’s going to be worth while for your company. So we’ve put a little list together, outlining the guide to it’s benefits.

It can demonstrate your products and services

People won’t use your company if they don’t know what it does! A video can be hugely insightful. Even if it is only seen for a few seconds, people will get it and have your product knowledge to hand when they need what you’re offering.

It will build awareness

Your video will be shared online by you and consequently will have the potential to be shared around groups of friends and colleagues and their armies of online audiences. Your product will be out there in the forefront people’s minds.

You can exploit multiple marketing channels

Many years ago, if you had a video advert the only way people were going to see it was if you paid to get it on the TV. Now you can just upload it online (which a good video production company should help with) and let the customers roll in. There are countless ways to connect with your target audience – social media sites can put you into conversations with hundreds of potential customers at a time and the more digital followers you build, the more people will see your video. This leads me on to my next point.

It will increase the intent to buy

While your video is out there on the Internet making you new friends – it will also be supplying people with that nagging feeling that they need your product – not because they have been tricked, but because your product does have something to offer, they just didn’t know it before!

It will promote your brand image

Brand is a vital part of any company. Customers buy a product based on its reputation. Which will be confirmed by your super awesome video. But even if they haven’t seen or heard of your company before, its affiliation with the video, can help them gauge an idea of how good or bad it is – so make it a good one. Customers will also return to a brand where they’ve had a good service before – so to get that repeated customer purchase, having a slick promo will help bring those old customers back to the home team.

It will improve your internal communications and team morale

Whether your employees are seeing their shiny new company overview video, a slick new product demo or testimonials of clients showing their gratitude for their hard work over the years, it will add a sense of community and pride amongst your employees and inspire the work force of your ever growing business!


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