Social Media Adverts | What You Need To Know

29 JUNE, 2016

Video Production

It’s pretty obvious that we’re watching more video, and watching more of it through our social feeds.

Video is everywhere, and it’s pretty exciting to have so many options to get seen, and by so many people.

The bonus of having social media adverts, that are specifically produced or adapted for social media, is that you’re making it as easy as possible for your ‘following’ to see you, talk about you and share your content.

“Our attitude at Holler is: plan it well, shoot it well, edit it well.”

There are a few things that are worth thinking about before producing your video, though:

Multiple Video Variations –  Don’t just think about posting one video everywhere. You need your master cut, no doubt, but then look at adapting it for the different channels you’ll be posting it out to.

Try Different Versions – it’s worth having a few versions of your video and seeing what one performs better. Have a shorter version, one with subtitles/captions, or one that starts a little different.

Paid-for Advertising – This may or may not be right for you, depending on budget. But if you’re pushing a new product, raising brand awareness, or just have a really nice video you want people to see, it might be worth putting a little budget aside to push that video out to a targetted audience. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, they all offer some sort of paid for advertising.


There’s plenty of ways we can make your video go further, we want to help you get your video seen by as many as people as possible. Get in touch today and see what we can do for you.

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