Social media video is essential. By not prioritising it, are you missing out on reaching a potentially vast target audience?

Many businesses and corporate marketers see social media as just another task amongst their already expansive variety of jobs. Others just see it as a place for young people and influencers to communicate and share pictures online.

But increasingly this perception is shifting as marketers and businesses realise the large untapped audience on social media. At Holler, we think that social media and social media video is an essential business tool for your corporate video marketing strategy in 2020.

In Europe, 63% of people use social media platforms on a daily basis. So if you’re not prioritising social media video, are you missing out on reaching a potentially vast target audience?

Short-form or Social Video is becoming increasingly more common on these online platforms. We recommend to a majority of our clients that a social media add-on is an essential for your corporate video in 2020. If your marketing strategy this year is to reach the largest audience possible through your corporate video, this is a no brainer.

For our recent platinum award winning global company promotional video with Hassan Allam in Egypt, we did exactly this. We have now supplied them with two short form videos designed with social media and increased viewer retention in mind. These new social videos runtime is 40% of the length of the original video.

With so much content on social media and a decrease in people’s attention span these days, social video is ideal for capturing audience attention and standing out from the crowd.

If you have an idea for a corporate video, please get in touch. We take our clients projects from initial concept, right through to distribution.

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