How To Make A Great App Or Software Demo Video

Promoting your latest app or software development doesn’t have to be a complicated process, with a few clever tricks we can create a great software demo video quickly, and for less than you may think. 

If you have just developed a new piece of software or an app, you’ll want to show off the great features your product can offer. A great way to do this is with an app or software demo video, which walks the viewer through how to use the software and showcases any specialist elements.

This can be done in a number of ways. From whiteboard style explainer videos that draw out the process, to screen captured images of your software in use, through to live action video footage of people using your app.

Having recently completed demo videos for Parago and their asset management software, we’ve found that a combination of different techniques can sometimes give the best result. The client wanted multiple videos, showing how their PC software and iPhone app could be used to help schools and academies keep track of their assets, so we decided to use two different methods.

For videos focusing on the PC version, we used screen captured images of the software in use, combined with a few short video clips at the start of the video, to take the viewer through the software in a clear and professional way.

The iPhone app version was made using a combination of an animated iPhone and hand, with screen captured images of the app in use. This created a complete software run through with a polished look. Both types of video benefitted from a professionally recorded voiceover and also had a royalty free music track added to complete the final version.

video_production_londonAnother way to show off your brand can be with the use of a catchy promotional video that focuses on the variety of different apps or software products you produce.

We recently produced a promo for online game developers Realistic Games, which aimed to showcase their full variety of roulette, blackjack, slots and fixed odds games, emphasising their availability on mainstream devices, from PCs to iPhones, iPads and Android smartphone and tablets.

This promo again used a combination of screen captured images of the games in use, as well as live action shots, a creative graphic treatment and a royalty free music track to tie the whole thing together.

We can produce all kinds of gaming, software, smartphone or tablet promos. It’s a good way to show off your product in action and will look great on your website.

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