Top Tips: How To Have A Stress Free Video Production

So you’ve been given the go ahead to create a corporate video and now you’re left with the task of hiring a video production company. This can seem like a stressful and complicated process. Who do you choose? How much is it going to cost? What will you actually get for that price?

Well it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. In this blog we highlight some tips on what you can do to have a stress free video production experience.


  • Research the video company before – It may seem bleeding obvious, but it’s super important to do your research before hiring a video production company. Do they have a quality website? Do they have a great show reel? How big is their portfolio? These are all things that separate the professionals from the amateurs. It’s also worth checking out their social media channels to see what other stuff they have been doing. It’s also worth giving them a call and having a chat over the phone. This gives you a good indication of what they will be like to work with. Bottom line is; a professional and experienced video production company will make it a less stressful experience.


  • Stay involved in the process – In the busy corporate world, it can be easy to fall into the trap of neglecting your video production company once work has begun. Like in most aspects of life, communication is key. Keeping in contact with them throughout the production stage, answering their queries and sending any files they need in a speedy fashion can really help the production along. This will ensure that your video will meet any deadlines and will make the whole process less stressful for everyone.


  • Be clear on budget – It’s important to be clear with all parties what the budget is for your project. A good video production company will listen to what your budget is and will work to that budget without going over. If you’re not clear from the start what your budget is, this can cause a lot of stress down the line when your invoice comes in much higher that you expected. That’s not a conversation anyone wants to have with his or her boss.


  • Give yourself enough time – Sometimes short deadlines cannot be helped. However, if you know well in advance that you need a video for a certain date, it’s a good idea to get the wheels turning as soon as possible. If you leave it long you risk not actually having enough time to make a quality video and you risk the video production company being fully booked up.


  • Be clear on WHY you want the video – Quite often people come to us knowing they want a video, but not knowing WHY they want a video. If you know why you want the video and what you want the video to achieve, a good video production company will be able to make that happen.


If you want a high quality, stress free video production then get in touch with our team today. Our producers can talk you through your idea and help you create an amazing corporate video that will make you and your company look great.

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