Subtitles for Video: Why They’re Essential



Subtitles for Video:
Why They’re Essential

We’re watching so many videos in this new digital age, but we’re watching them in a slightly different way than before. Not only are we watching videos on different platforms, but the way we’re watching them is different.

It’s more than likely that the videos you watch start automatically and without sound. So what do you do to grab people’s attention? Or at least make your video accessible to people who can’t listen to the sound for whatever reason?

“Subtitles have become essential for modern video. You can’t afford to ignore them.”

You’ve got to start thinking about subtitles for your video.

  • 65% of videos viewed on Facebook are viewed through mobile. Think about the times you’re on Facebook; on a train, on a bus, in the office. You might not have headphones, but you still want to watch that video. Subtitles make the video watchable, get the point across and still be engaging.


  • You’re at your desk. You see a video on YouTube, but you don’t want to seem like you’re watching something rather than working. But what if you could still watch the amazingly shot testimonial, but read the content. Subtitles just open the doors to viewing capability.


Great video content is key, but making you’re video viewable and engaging is even more important. If you’re not giving everyone the best opportunity to see what you’ve made, what’s the point of making the video in the first place?

Here at Holler, we make videos that get seen. Subtitles are just one way of helping out, why not get in touch with one of the team today and find out some other fun ways to get you seen!

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