How To Make A Successful Company Overview Video UK

If you’re looking to make a company overview video for your business, you’ll want it to be as successful as possible. Here are a couple of tips for making a company overview video UK production that gets the correct message across without losing your audience.

1company overview video. WRITE A KNOCK OUT SCRIPT

One of the first things you should do is write an engaging script. Whether this is to be read by employees, actors or by a professional voiceover artist, content is key. It needs to be short and punchy without using too much technical detail. The idea is to grab the viewers attention, not weigh them down with lots of detail. Throw in some top stats or facts about your business – it’s important that you put your ‘wow’ facts up the front to peak the viewers interest.


When we made a company overview video UK production for Kier, we traveled to 10 locations across the country. Rather than restricting ourselves to a studio or one office location, it was important to get out onto the clients sites so that the viewer could see the work they were doing. IMG_3705We also made use of the large outdoor locations to use specialist kit like jibs and drones for a cinematic large-scale look. This reflects the scale of Kiers work across the country.


A well executed graphics treatment can really boost a company overview video. By picking out key facts, locations or buzz words, you can emphasise these on screen for maximum impact. You can even track text to movement in your footage, for example following an employee as they walk across site. It’s a simple tool to create something that looks really impressive.

These are just a few examples of things you can do to boost your video. If you’ve got some ideas, or aren’t sure where to start, get in touch with the Holler crew to see how we could make your next corporate video a success.

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The Kier Effect from Holler on Vimeo.