Team Holler’s Scariest Horror Films

As we lead up to the spookiest night of the year, brands are pulling out all the stops to get in the Halloween spirit. We’ve seen some great parody ads like Ikea’s take on The Shining, and some original ideas like Skittles story of giant spider adapting to family life – and it’s got us thinking about the scariest films we’ve ever seen.


scariest_moviesTash – Producer

Saw (2004)

My old flat mate, her boyfriend and my boyfriend all loved SAW. I hate scary movies, always have done, I’m a jumpy person by nature. But they all made me watch it. Even worked up to – ‘Tash you will watch Saw on Friday’

Got half way through (wasn’t enjoying it), went to the loo, came back and they jumped out at me. I was then so scared I made my boyfriend stay over that night as I was convinced a doll’s head was going to jump out of my wardrobe…yes I am a wimp…I don’t think I’ve watched a ‘scary’ movie since….


Scariest_filmsHarry – Production Assistant

The Mummy (1999)

It was a cold winters night. I was ten years old. My parents had brought home The Mummy on VHS. When good old Imhotep was being buried alive with the flesh eating bugs I tore the Video out of the player leaving a tangled web of tape on the floor, a broken VHS player – and a very ashamed younger brother.



scariest filmsBrad – Assistant Producer

Signs (2002)

I’m not a huge scary film fan – actually I despise them. I can’t quite grasp why people would want to watch something so unrealistic, waste money on getting scared and then have nightmares for the following week. Well that’s what happened after I watched Signs. Bear in mind I was about six when I first watched it, it has stuck with me every since and I won’t watch it again. Main points that stick with me, the door and shadow.  Ok, its a cliche of a shot, but it genuinely freaks me out. The alien at the kids birthday party – just mean.  Let the kid enjoy their birthday. All wrong – and won’t ever be watching again.


The RingRoxy – Assistant Producer

The Ring (2002)

When I was about 12, it was a sleepover ritual to rent a horror film and scare ourselves stupid – much to the despair of our sleep deprived parents. So as a fairly desensitised child, I was not expecting to be quite as disturbed as I was by The Ring. Even now, 11 years later, I’m still a little disturbed by it – in that I love it, and find it the scariest thing ever. Same goes for the original ‘Ringu’, ‘The Grudge’ and any Japanese horror films!



Get ShortyMatt – Head of Production

Get Shorty (1995)

This filled me with terror from the opening credits. It’s quite possibly the most horrific film I’ve ever seen in a cinema. The acting from John Travolta and Danny DeVito was shocking.  It filled me with such anxiety, I had to leave half an hour in.



Well, we can’t all be horror fanatics! Happy Halloween from Holler!

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