Why Create Thought Leadership Videos For Your Website?

Many companies write thought leadership articles for their website, blogs or social media channels. They’re a great way to get across your expertise to existing and potential clients, industry specialists and investors. But in a changing market with attention spans slipping, does your audience have time to read a long article? Are they likely to get distracted by something else online?

The average online article is around 600 words, and it’s estimated that only readers get through 28% before clicking elsewhere – meaning if you haven’t grabbed them in the first few lines, you’ve lost them.

Thought Leadership Videos

An alternative to online thought leadership articles are short and snappy videos. Although readers can find long articles uninteresting, you can get across the exact same message in an engaging video clip and hang onto your viewers from start to finish. The trick is to keep them short and punchy – around 60 seconds is ideal – as this tends to be enough time to cover your topic without loosing the viewer.

When it comes to the duration of an online video, less is definitely more. One of the first things viewers do when they look at a video on YouTube is check how long it is – if it’s going to take time and concentration to get the message, many viewers won’t bother to watch the video at all. So whilst you may think it’s important to go into detail about a topic, consider whether this information is necessary and what it adds to he viewing experience.

Recent Examples

At Holler, we’ve been creating a series of thought leadership videos with technology PR company Whiteoaks to give their viewers some top tips – from social media and events, to client relationships and engagement.

Each member of the Whiteoaks team talks directly to camera, discussing a single topic for around 60 seconds. The simple videos allow the reader to quickly pick up some advice, and also shows the expertise Whiteoaks have across a variety of topics.

We’ve added a royalty free music track and some branded graphics to each video, to give it a polished and professional feel, and tying the series together.

Watch Whiteoaks latest PR tips and tricks here


thought-leadership-examples Whiteoaks Associate Director Sharon Barlow on Engaging with Influencers

thought-leadership-filming Whiteoaks CEO James Kelliher ready to begin filming. Image via @whiteoaksPR

Production_company_london Our professional large sensor cameras are perfect for filming these videos.









We’ve also created similar thought leadership videos for clients like Interactive Intelligence, Johnson Controls and QinetiQ for both internal or external use.

How can we help you?

Whether you want to discuss a topic and share it with the public, or just with your staff for motivation, we can help to create something bespoke to put you in your best light.

Got a topic that needs more than 60 seconds to discuss? How about creating a short teaser that leads the viewer to read an article or watch a longer video. This could be shared on your social media channels to get the word out, and build a buzz around the full product.

Whatever your needs, give the Holler team a call and we’ll help you with a creative idea for a video that suits your brand.

If you want to find out more about thought leadership videos, get in touch with the Holler Team in 020 7112 8665 or email hello@justholler.uk. 

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