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Video production and online video marketing are essential for businesses to progress in the present times. Marketing videos and corporate videos are considered as one of the most effective marketing tools in today’s era of increasing globalisation and technology penetration.

If you run your own business and haven’t considered the possibility of online video marketing as yet, it is high time now that you incorporate video marketing into your digital marketing strategy. To be better able to cope up with the competition it is necessary that you produce corporate videos and marketing videos which have engaging and meaningful content and are of good quality.

When planning and producing a corporate video, consider it as a communicative tool which is going to narrate your story to your target consumers. Incorporate your corporate videos with relatable experiences and emotionally relevant content to increase their potential to influence your target consumers.

Below are few tips for you to create highly influential marketing videos and corporate videos, to help you with deeper market penetration.

Identify Your Audience

Marketing is essentially concerned with communicating with a particular set of consumers to apprise them of your brand, brand values, products and services. It is not necessary that every consumer might be interested in availing your products or services. In other words, a particular product or service may not be preferred by all consumer segments within a given marketplace. Hence, when producing a corporate video ensure that your content and message is designed and presented to suit the preferences of your target consumers. Include content in your corporate videos which may be of relevance to your target consumers and with which they may be able to relate easily.

Narrate a Story and Create an Emotional Connection

Creating marketing videos and corporate videos with high emotional quotient and relevance to the target consumers have proven to be more effective and compelling marketing tools. It is believed that most of the buying decisions are emotional decisions and adding an element of emotional relevance into your corporate videos, you may be better able to convince your consumers to avail your services and products.

Informative corporate videos are of considerable value but it is the idea or a story that most of the consumers inadvertently find more convincing. Do not produce corporate videos to apprise your consumer only about the qualities and features of your products or services, but use these to convey an idea or a story to develop an emotional connect with your consumers and keep them engaged for a longer period of time.

Focus on the Needs and Preferences of Your Customers

Create and produce corporate marketing videos that are concerned with providing solutions to the problems and queries of your consumers, not which describe you and your history. It is less likely that consumers will be interested in knowing about you and your business. In fact, they may only be concerned with accessing content that is of their relevance. Hence, focus you corporate videos on the issues and requirements of your target consumers, rather than on yourself.

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