Top 3 Trends of Online Video Marketing in 2014

Internet has emerged as a major dynamic contributing towards the transformation of communication trends and methodologies, eventually altering marketing practices, introducing new fields such as social media marketing and online video marketing. Additionally, with the growing trend of inbound marketing practices and fading out of outbound promotional strategies, video marketing has gained even more importance in the present times.

Promotion and advertising through the employment of marketing videos is a preferred mode of online marketing today, as it has been found quite influential in providing adequate support to branding operations and is believed to lead to higher revenue generation.

Considering the growing importance of online video marketing, we present to you top three trends of online video marketing in 2014, to help you with effective video marketing.

Growing Importance of Content Marketing

Business and brands are heavily involved in the production of marketing videos through diverse channels and that are composed of dynamic content. This is being considered as one of the most effective ways of making marketing videos more valuable and meaningful for the target consumers.

However, such practices require support through the providence of sufficient information and insightful knowledge about consumer preferences and choices. Using the available information as a directive factor for the establishment of long-lasting consumer relationships ensures long-term consumer loyalty. Hence, content marketing is more important than ever for online marketing in general and online video marketing in particular.

Today, effective video marketing and production of influential and meaningful marketing videos rely heavily on strong research and availability and usage of essential and beneficial data and analytics.

Diverse Social Media Channels

Social media platforms are going through a phase of consistent growth and expansion, which has also affected the trends of online video marketing. With the emergence of numerous social media platforms, apart from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, there is a growing demand for video marketing to diversify in order to adequately comply with all the requirements of several different social media websites.

With the availability of several new connecting channels, businesses need to make their marketing videos more engaging and interactive for their target consumers to be able to make the most out of the ever-growing opportunities of consumer interaction. Experimentation and diversification are hence, considered as pre-requisites for successful online video marketing which are believed to lead to maximum consumer exposure and enhance brand equity, through diverse social media platforms.

Mobile-Friendly Video Content

With the growing usage of smartphones and other mobile devices, businesses need to employ video marketing practices that ensure the production of video content that is compatible with mobile devices. Research and studies suggest, that by 2017 87% of sales for connected devices will comprise of smartphones and tablets. This is indicative of the growing number of mobile device users, implying the necessity for businesses to invest in the creation of marketing videos that are highly compatible with these devices, for ensuring maximum consumer exposure and engagement.

Considerable shift in consumer preferences regarding the access to internet through modern mobile devices instead of traditional channels underlies the importance of mobile-friendly marketing videos.

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