Corporate Video? There’s an App for that.

Apple’s App Store hit the 50 Billion downloads mark this week, five years since it’s launch.

Last year it was reported that 82 percent of device usage is via an app, leaving just 18 percent of use via a browser. Given this latest statistic from Apple, we can assume that percentage is even higher now.

Apps have completely changed the way we access both entertainment and information, as well as affecting how we manage our working lives. Many people now keep their schedules, documents, and other materials within Apps on their iPad. It has created a way to keep connected with your work life while on the go.

“Every time you reach for your iPad to read, or tap out, a work-related email, that’s productivity.” – The Wall Street Journal, 2013.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could expand this further, by taking all your corporate videos, photos and sales pitches, and keeping them together in one location on your iPad? Well, now you can!

Share your business through a selection of information, corporate videos and photos available through your very own company App, a fantastic new service from Holler.

It’s a great way to keep your entire sales pitch, ideas and achievements to date in one place that is fast and easy to use, ready to show to potential clients and investors on the go! Just grab your tablet and let your app do the talking.

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