Your Business in the Palm of Their Hand (Literally)

Our smart phones are the modern essential. We rely on them to run our day-to-day professional and personal lives, keep us entertained and connected to the outside world across a variety of platforms.

We also rely on them to capture the moments we want to remember, or share with friends, followers and connections alike. Photo and video apps are the fast growing in the world, with an 89% percent increase in the amount of time users spent on apps like YouTube and Instagram between October 2011 and March 2012.

The desire to share content has also increased, with frequent activity on social media sites becoming the norm, it is estimated that 70% of Facebook likes, comments and shares are related to visual content.

What this tells us is that your average potential client or investor has a wealth of information available in the palm of their hand, and that photos and videos are becoming a main source of fast information, delivering what a page of text could say in a fraction of the time.

So how can you take advantage of this information to benefit your business? Invest in the visuals. When it comes to video marketing, a quick video shot on your phone just won’t cut it – but a high quality, ¬†short and snappy, professional video stored on your iPhone, and shared across your social networking platforms can really make an impact.

At Holler, we’ve been working on something perfect for getting your message across quickly. A video that shows exactly what your business does in under 30 seconds. We’ve called it ‘The iPitch’.

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