Video Marketing Trends To Look Out For in 2017



Video Marketing Trends To
Look Out For In 2017

Video Marketing is a fast moving industry; it never seems to stand still. Which makes it super important that, in order to stay one step ahead of your competitors, you keep your fingers on the pulse of what is trending and what could soon be trending. Some of these will be new trends and some started to emerge on the tail end of 2016.

So to help you out, we’ve made a list of different trends for you to keep an eye on in 2017.

More Facebook Video – This should really come as much of a surprise, but Facebook marketing videos are on the up. This is one of the video marketing trends to pick up in 2016, but we think it will really kick on this year. In the past year alone, daily videos have grown from 1 billion to 8 billion, with 500 million people watching Facebook videos every day. We fully expect this to grow even more in 2017, with companies having even square versions of their videos made in order to optimize it for social media.


“Video marketing is constantly changing, which is why it’s super important to keep on top of current trends”

Video Marketing Across Multiple Channels – Similarly to Facebook video, this is something that started to gain momentum towards the end of 2016. The days where companies would make their video, post it to their YouTube or website and then move on to the next job are over. Marketers are now realizing the potential of using different social media platforms to gain more brand exposure. Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are just some of the different social media channels which companies have been posting promotional products.

360 Video/Virtual Reality (VR) – 
In 2016, we saw the beginning of virtual reality and it caused quite a stir. It’s expected that this will continue into 2017. 360 cameras and virtual reality headsets are becoming more accessible and more and more video marketers are beginning to see the potential to immerse their viewers more than ever before. It will be interesting to see how VR embeds itself into corporate video production, but it’s expected that 2017 will be the year of Virtual Reality.

Email and Video will work better together – 
Quite often, email and video are treated as two different marketing methods. But they’ve actually got the potential to work really well together. Including video in an email helps to keep the word count down, is a great way of putting your video in front of the right people and also is more likely to encourage a click through. In 2017, we expect to see more and more companies relying less on text-heavy emails and focus more on featuring videos in their email.

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