Video Production And It’s Accessibility to Learning

Some people are visual, some are text focused and others more audio focused. There are a range of different learning styles used by people. ‘People’ who include consumers, customers and prospects. These learning styles can be utilised as a means to deliver effective marketing by a business through video production.

video productionWe all process and retain information differently, so when you send your customer a text based marketing campaign you are only giving your customer one medium of information to learn from, and therefore will decrease the chance of your customer processing and retaining your information.

However, if you send them a medium of information, such as video – it can grab the attention of more than one style of viewer. It makes your business, brand and products / services far more accessible in terms of comprehension and vastly more memorable.

Let’s explore these different styles of learning so that you can see for yourself how they play into marketing through video production:


Some people take on information and understand it a lot more through visuals, compared to reading long winded information packs etc.


The combination of visuals and audio will be vital on your video production, especially if you’re looking to deliver a particular message.


Some people really benefit from seeing words, and work in a world where words rule. So, if your customers or viewers want to take in the message, maybe include some impactful text graphics with powerful copy.

Modern video is also far more powerful these days in that it can be shared on social media. Recognised for its power through being re-posted on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, video can reach far and wide, with particularly compelling videos often going viral and being watched by millions across the globe.

According to medical science, humans have a natural ability to visually scan the environment, most likely for safety and food acquisition purposes. It clearly makes sense to connect to people through the deliverance of a visual presentation for ease of information retention.

Video production has changed a lot over the last eight years or so. Even just five years ago social media wasn’t as well established as it is now with video playing an integral part. A brand without social media presence is unusual these days, as most business owners are aware that it’s essential to be in this marketing space.

Search engines have also changed their algorithms, putting videos more at the forefront of their searches than ever before.

Here are a handful of basics that are required in video production to create a piece of film that is compelling and memorable to consumers:

Powerful script.

It’s important to hold the attention of the viewer by crafting a well written script. If our clients don’t have their own ideas, we can help by brainstorming with them as a starting point.


It’s critical be clear on the reason that you want to create a video. Perhaps you want to improve your SEO or demonstrate features and results that text cannot fully showcase. You might want to attract a following or perhaps make it easy for your consumer to consume information about your brand.

Your audience.

Knowing who your audience is and understanding what they are interested in, in addition to knowing how to reach them is another critical factor to the success of your video production.

The style of video that you could produce are:

  • Case Studies and video testimonials
  • How to / tutorials
  • Slideshows
  • Product demonstration
  • Animation

Once you have made a decision on how you want to deliver your message, it’s important to craft an effective and efficient distribution plan.

If you’re looking for video production that will take your business and its offerings far and wide, increasing revenue and brand exposure then contact us today for a chat.


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